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News for you to update FIFA 18 new game features

Each of our FIFA players can not be ignored in FIFA 18, we added new features to let the world game players live and make your favorite football players follow their actions on the pitch. Open the FIFA 18 packs to get a rare FIFA 18 player and get FIFA 18 coins at

FIFA 18 real sports technology

Faced with this new, changing game animation system uses gesture trajectory matching on each frame, here to provide the most responsive and smooth game. We use the new action capture technology to record Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo (Cristiano Ronaldo) and other top players.

Real world action

Real Player Motion Technology brings the data into life to ensure that the game accurately represents the reality of football, and the player feels and moves like it is on a real court. Ronaldo's free kick, Stirling's unique turn and Gryzmann's skill. You will recognize them in FIFA 18, because the first time the player's real world action, size and attributes will tell them how to move on the court.

New cross control

The new dribbling mechanism allows you to confidently use the defined tactile, tighter turns and more explosive transitions in the defender's way. The ball to the scene, put it from the side into the space of the attackers who, or from the depths to find the intersection found. New cross control gives you more options from wings!

FIFA 18 will be available on September 29 for PS 4, Xbox One and PC, standard are available. At that time, players can get the cheapest FIFA coins on

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