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1966 World Cup: Gripping tales and inspirational traffic lights
It is widely claimed that England is the birthplace of football. One thing that is beyond doubt is that the first rules of the game were established there in 1863. That made the nation's joy at hosting - and ultimately winning - the eighth FIFA World Cup? 103 years later all the greater. Buy Fifa 17 Coins In order to mark the 50th anniversary of that spectacular tournament, we take a closer look...
The pitch invader who upstaged Garrincha
The 1962 FIFA World Cup? quarter-final between Brazil and England, witnessed Garrincha at his brilliant best. Fifa 17 points The tournament’s outstanding player scored twice, one a brilliant long-range curler, in a dazzling virtuoso performance. Even his victims were wowed, with one English newspaper lauding Brazil’s entertainer supreme as “Stanley Matthews, Tom Finney and a snake charmer all ro...
Borja: I spend every minute thinking about the final
When Nicolasa Hernandez made the empanada pies she sold in the small town of Tierralta, on Colombia’s Caribbean coast, she had little idea that she was cooking up more than just sustenance for her family. Without even realising, with her kneading and crimping she was creating the fuel that would power a goalscorer. And not just any goalscorer, but a record-breaking one who has powered his new team...